Make the cut

March 18, 2011

Music composing and editing has always been a daunting idea to me. I’ve never been that talented musically but, “by breaking down your needs into tonality, rhythm and dynamics” before tackling your project for the score you are working on (original or not) you are able to take it step by step, make smooth, nicely toned edits that work for the content of your scene. Tone, rhythm and dynamics are the three kings of film scoring. If the tone feels right go with it. If the rhythm is off, or the dynamics of your music don’t work and you’ve painted yourself into a corner and you can’t edit the picture (it’s in picture lock)–and you have officially gone nuts because, A. you are an editor and you can’t seem to find any possible way to edit your way around the problem and/or, B. you are on a deadline: hide it. Find a way to hide it. Don’t fix it–because you have already proved that impossible (or at least given your time frame). Don’t keep trying to fix it. Hide it. Fade it out. Cover it up. Or, flat out lose it! Cut it out. You’re an editor. You cut.


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