March 19, 2011

In the CDIABU Sound Studio, Claes Nystrom walked us through a couple projects he has worked on. In Pro Tools we saw how a pro sound editor would go through each track of audio to compress, equalize, de-ess, cross fade and smooth out the sounds effect, the dialogue and the music on a project before creating a mix to organize by stems and then finally into a fully mixed Printmaster.

Claes always says “Dialogue is King”–well, in the piece we are studying, The Lifter Upper, has very little dialogue, (actually only about 3 lines). So in this case, the music was a driving force in telling the story–along with the creative sound editing and mixing. Well, Claes happens to be a very talented film scorer as well.  After we had listened to the audio tracks individually we went over how to best mix, and edit the sounds to tell a story,we layered some of his compositions down to help the story flow. What a difference.

It’s easy to get very technical about everything with EQs, low pass filters, noise reduction parameters, and threshold dials which is why it’s important to keep in mind that before one starts on a project what the goals are before on gets lost fiddling and tweeking sounds.

Stage one : ART and IDEA

Stage two: CRAFT and EXECUTION

This editing and mixing is all execution and craft. If you know what you want before you jump in, and you know how to execute, the hard part is almost done. You just need to do it.

In the sound studio


Soaking up the knowledge


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